Quick Apply with Drive Trucking!

Once you have Created your Driver Profile, you are ready to start applying for jobs! Head over to the Driver Dashboard to see what jobs fit your criteria, or navigate to Jobs by State to see what companies are posting near you.

When you are logged in, job listings will display a “Quick Apply” button. This takes information from your profile and submits the job application with a single click.


If your application was processed and completed, you will see the confirmation message and thank you replace the button.


If your application was failed, it is likely because your profile is incomplete. Click the “Finish Profile” button or navigate to the Driver Profile to finish filling out your application information.


Alternatively, you can click into an individual job listing and click the “Quick Apply” button to display the application form in a modal window and pre-fill your information.


This allows you to verify the information you are submitting, change or update a field, and get more detailed error messages if you are having issues submitting your application.